Each course is designed for you to read and do each step, one at a time, in order.

There are 6 Lessons and 39 Reading Books altogether

  • Spelling

    Knowing how to spell is key in life. Each one of Lynley’s Reading School courses gives your child lots of practice with spelling. Going through each course your child will learn to read and spell over 1200 words

  • Tip For The Instructor

    Lynley’s Reading School Courses use Phonics. Phonics is how letters and letter combinations sound. It is a method of teaching one how to read by helping the person know the voice sounds of each letter of the alphabet.

  • Start your child’s journey to better reading

    Choose Lynley’s Reading School for the best outcome for your child’s future! We offer multiple courses, and the best management of your time, effort and money. The Reading Courses are fun and full of activities that are designed to give your child a real understanding of the English language.

  • Why did I start homeschooling?

    My daughter attended pre-primary and then started primary school. When she was five and a half years old she told me that she did not want to go to school anymore. I finally listened to what she was saying, she did not enjoy school and I knew she wasn’t actually...

  • Not just for homeschooling

    If you do not Home School your child, these courses will allow you to fill in the missing gaps in your child’s reading and spelling and give you the satisfaction of knowing that you have taught your child to read.

  • What will the Reading Courses help with?

    Doing these courses will add to or bring back the natural desire your child has to read and bring about the desire to continue to learn throughout their lives.

  • How good is the Lynley’s Reading School Program?

    Some years ago, the Home School Moderator (the person from the Education Department who checks the progress of your child), told me that I should make the Reading Courses available for anyone to use because they are very good. I have now done this.