Information for the Instructor

Each course is designed for you to read and do each step, one at a time, in order. Never go onto the next step until the earlier step is completed.

You as the Instructor

Before starting with your student look over the materials and the Reading Course itself so you are familiar with all parts.

Vital Step

Do not let your student read the Reading Books until he is up to that step on the course itself.

Vowels and Consonants

Vowels are the letters a, e, i, o u. Consonants are all the other letters of the alphabet.

Sounds and Letters

There are at least 45 sounds in the English language. There are about 75 letters and letter combinations that make up these sounds. For example PH can have the sound of f like in the word phone and wr can have the sound of r like in the word write. Reading Course One gives you the most common sounds for the vowels and consonants, there are six Reading Courses altogether and each course covers different letter combinations and the sounds these letter combinations make.


This is a simple, step by step way to help your student read. It is important that you, as the instructor, know how to say each letter sound correctly. The most common mistake is to say the sound of the vowel along with the consonant. For example, using the consonant letter b, you might think the sound of the letter b is bu, like in bus. However, you must take the letter us sound off the word bus and then you will be saying the pure sound of the letter b correctly. Make sure that you use only the sound of that one letter when teaching the sound that the letter makes.

Spirit of Play

A child naturally wants to learn. Even if, at first you only do 15 minutes or two lots of 15 minutes a day, that’s ok. You will get through it with your student. There is no rush. There is no time limit to this course. Each person will learn at their own speed, there are no rules to how long it should take.

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Practice the Alphabet

Its a good idea to go through the alphabet yourself to practice the sound each letter makes, before you start with your student. Go through and say the name of each letter out loud to yourself and then say the sound that letter makes.

More than one definition

Words can often have more than one meaning. Please makes sure that your student understands the meaning of the words they are learning to read and spell. If your student does not understand the meaning of a word, explain it to him or look it up in a dictionary and have your student use the word in sentences until he is familiar with it and can use it. This is a very important point. Do not neglect it

Course Packs

Lesson Number One through to Lesson Number Six are followed by 39 Reading Books. Each Reading Book has no new introduced words that your child has not learnt already in the Lessons. Leaving you with the confidence that your child is getting the basics in literacy.

Lynley’s Reading School Lessons and Reading Books are laid out in a simple step by step program. It allows your child to learn the English language basics on the correct gradient.

Lessons & Books

Lesson Number One & Reading Books

  • Lesson Number One
  • Dad Has Jam
  • Cat And Pet Rat
  • Six Red Pigs
  • Stop Stop Stop
  • Bat On Mat
  • Hot Dogs
  • Fun And Sun
  • Pam And Sam Fun At Camp
  • Lesson Number Two & Reading Books

    • Lesson Number Two
    • Jim And His Hat
    • The Shell And The Fish
    • Jill Will Pick Up Eggs And Buns
    • Tom And His Dog
    • Jack And The Lock
    • Chomp, Chomp, Chomp
    • The Fox And The Rat On The Hill
    • At Lunch
    • The Fish That Can Jump
    • The Clapping Witch

    Lesson Number Three & Reading Books

    • Lesson Number Three
    • The Farm
    • Drummer And The Queen
    • Farmer Len
    • Weeding The Garden
    • Gypsy Mystery
    • Fred The Monster
    • Carl And Mark At The Park
    • Bert The Hermit Crab
    • Peaches And Cream
    • Lesson Number Four & Reading Books

      • Lesson Number Four
      • Going To The Moon
      • Buzzy The Clown
      • Today Is Sunday
      • The Mouse And The Scout
      • I Would Like A Lot Of Things
      • The Goat And The Foal
      • No. No. No.
      • Toys For Joy
      • Waiting For The Train
      • Playing On The Floor
      • Here Is My Book
      • Our New Puppy