Lyney Bromwell is the Founder of the Lynley’s Reading School Courses. The following is a background of how Lynley’s Reading School came about:

“I have been home schooling my own children and children of family and friends for more than 15 years. I developed the Reading Courses because I was not able to find a step by step resource to teach my children to read and spell.

My daughter attended pre-primary and then started primary school. When she was five and a half years old she told me that she did not want to go to school anymore. I finally listened to what she was saying, she did not enjoy school and I knew she wasn’t actually really learning. I then rang the Education Department and found they had a department that handled Home Schooling! I started home schooling my own children and it was great. I have since then, taught many children at my home schooling group using the Reading Courses that I developed.”

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