With over 15 years of home schooling my daughters they are now adults, they have a very good command of the English language and they both have fulfilling careers.
Proven Results
A complete set of six courses accompanied by 39 Reading Books otherwise known as Readers. Step by step approach and easily followed. You can teach your own child.
English, Simplified
The courses teach you exactly how letters form into words, how different combinations of letters sound and how these are pronounced.
Get your children communicating with the world. Communication is the key to success in any field.

English as a second language

The reading courses are excellent for a foreign language student who wants to polish up their skills in reading, spelling and speaking English correctly. The courses are simple, easy, fun and are designed to give you a real understanding of the English language.

Simple, Fun and Brilliant

Doing these courses will add to or bring back the natural desire your child has to read and bring about the desire to continue to learn throughout their lives.

Lynley's Reading School Courses are fun and full of activities that are designed to give your child a real understanding of the English language.

It is very easy to teach your child yourself, if you can read then you can teach your own child to read. If they can read well, they are then able to learn anything.

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For the past 15 years the Reading Courses have been producing excellent results. Lynley has taught her own children and many other children over the years as well. Each child is now doing well in their chosen career. The same Reading Courses she developed and taught her home school children are now available for you to use.

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